Emotional/Behavioral Screening

The Behavioral and Emotional Screening System offers a quick, reliable, and systematic way to determine children and adolescents’ emotional and behavioral strengths and weaknesses in preschool through high school.

Signs my child needs to be screened:

  • Children who engage in self-stimulating behavior to the exclusion of everyday activities or who are self-abusive (head banging, hitting, biting).
  • The child does not form affectionate relationships with care providers, such as relatives they see often or regular babysitters, or who repeatedly hit, bite, kick.
  • The child is having difficulties with day-to-day tasks due to emotional disturbances.

Why should my child be screened:

Mental health screenings allow for early identification and intervention and help bridge the gap. We’ve found that early identification and treatment lead to better outcomes. Early treatment may also prevent years of suffering and lessen long-term disability.

Why Test/When to Test:

  • Not following directions or rules
  • Temper tantrums
  • Physical aggression, such as hitting, pinching, kicking, or throwing things
  • Poor impulse control
  • Disruptive behaviors such as screaming or yelling
  • Toileting difficulties
  • Bedtime/sleep problems
  • Social skill problems such as not getting along with peers
  • Habits such as hair-pulling, thumb-sucking, or air swallowing
  • Often being angry or losing one’s temper
  • Often resentful or spiteful
  • Deliberately annoying others or becoming annoyed with others
  • Often blaming other people for one’s own mistakes or misbehavior
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